Who we are


Arthur S. Nuss

Arthur S. Nuss has designed an entirely self-sufficient, sustainable neighbourhood in Alang during an exchange program in Ahmedabad, India. He graduated in 2006 from Delft University of Technology, majoring in New housing concepts, consumer-oriented industrialised housing. In addition to his own architectural firm, he has also worked as an architect at KOW Architecture.

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Tomas Beranek

Tomáš Beránek has studied architecture and urban design in Prague (Czech Republic) and Tampere (Finland). He graduated in 2012, creating an innovative integration of a library in the historical centre of Prague.

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Jony Nederend

Jony graduated from TU Delft in 2013, with the focus on RMIT Architecture. During his final year, he dedicated his work to transforming an empty bakery factory into a private city for the mentally disabled. This sparked his interest in taking old buildings and repurposing and converting them into new spaces.
In recent years he volunteered for the reconstruction of Nepal and developed his architectural experience at various consultancy project agencies.

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Claudie Gimel

Currently a graduate in architecture (Bachelor’s degree) from the ENSAP in Bordeaux, and doing an internship during my gap year.

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Chiara Colombo

Chiara Colombo currently completing a Master’s Degree in Architecture of Interiors at Politecnico di Milano and doing her internship at Global Architects.