dune villas in healthcare industry

dune villas in healthcare industry

Vision landscape / architecture
Small-scale housing facility for the elderly, where the dune landscape can be optimally experienced. The spacious terraces enter into a relationship with the dune landscape. The villas will be designed in a stylish, subdued manner, the terraces give the landscape a horizontal layering.

Beautiful care villas with terraces, at a unique location in the dunes.
The villas are characterised by:
– Freely placed
– Immersion into nature
– Design, materialisation and sufficient visibility and space between the villas
– Affordable small-scale and private tailor-made care
– People-oriented architecture; the occupant will be included in the design process of the home, which will help create the perfect residence for each occupant
– Comfortable and relaxing environment

Integration plan for the area:
– Parking on site
– 3 villas per access road
– Loose volumes on the planned area with sufficient space around them
– Care villas with horizontal articulation, where the living floor is situated on the first floor with a spacious terrace as an outdoor area
– The care villas are located in a dune landscape, which will be set up as a collective garden that naturally flows into the public dune landscape
– 50% will be returned to nature

Analysis of the situation

– 50 % will be returned to nature
– Villas with terraces are a part of the landscape
– Lines of sight between the villas on the dunes
– Sufficient parking space on their own lot, also available for the visitors

Urban profile


Global Architects uses an integral design approach right from the initiation phase, where all quality aspects are weighed; functionality, sustainability, durability, comfort, costs, health and saleability. An integral design approach is the basis for an energy-conscious design, which is aimed at a comfortable and healthy indoor climate with the lowest possible energy consumption.

Summer situation
– Integrated sun protection through overhanging eaves
– PV solar panels
– Heat / cold storage
– Floor cooling
– Lots of daylight
– Heat recovery from ventilation air
– No natural gas, electric cooking
– Excellent insulation
Winter situation
– Passive solar energy
– PV panels
– Heat pump with low temperature heating
– Lots of daylight
– Heat recovery from ventilation air
– No natural gas, electric cooking
– Excellent insulation

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