boswoning met kas als wintertuin en duurzame energie opwekking vrijstaande-woning Voorne Putten

Forest home Haagwijk

Forest home Haagwijk; the house is situated on the landscape (1), this way the landscape is defined and the garden passes into the natural forest. The terrace area is defined by the addition of a glass conservatory facing south (2). In this multifunctional room you can fully enjoy the view of the forest. The sun is used as an intelligent way (passive solar energy) to heat the house when necessary (3). The summer sun is blocked by the use of sun-resistant glass and an overhang on the south side of the house. The winter sun can penetrate the house and thus warm the rooms in a natural way (4). We have chosen to use sustainable natural materials suitable for the environment, such as Western Red Cedar, glass and steel.


Private House


160 m2 GBO


Arthur Nuss, Martynas Jankauskas and Vitalijus Rudokas

modulair housing

The goal of this residence in Haagwijk is to create affordable newly built homes for the critical consumer, based on a modular system. A home where, because of the logic of this system, the future occupant has great influence on the design and the budget control. The starting point of this design is a house that is based on an easy-to-build modular system where façades and floor plans can be freely allocated. As a result, the basic design can easily be transformed into a home that conforms to the wishes of the occupant and adapts to the orientation towards the sun or the landscape. By offering modular flexibility, the costs of each change are immediately known to the resident, which makes it easier to not exceed the budget. The flexibility creates a home that can evolve with the everchanging wishes of the residents and be easily transformed after the sale.

Functions that require a lot of light are oriented to the east and south. Lots of glass has been used in the façades to heat these spaces with passive solar energy.

Sustainable building

The façade on the north side of the house has small windows to limit heat loss. Measures such as overhangs and sliding doors with blinds will prevent overheating of the house. Solar water heaters on the roof combined with heat recovery from the flue reduce the energy consumption for the domestic hot water and the heating system. It is possible to realise any energy ambition with this property.