Build your own private house. Or buy and renovate an existing building completely the way you want it. That is possible with Global Architects.


Build your own dream home. Or buy and renovate an existing building completely the way you want it. That is possible with Global Architects.

Global Architects BNA guides private clients with self-build plans. There are two forms of self-build as an individual (PC – Private Commissioning) or as a group in a cooperative housing community (CPO).

design proces

At the start of each project, the housing plan is drawn up together with you, in which all the expectations, the budget and the schedule have been determined. You will be guided with images, which enables you to make well founded decisions, which are precisely tailored to your needs and objectives. This is how identity is linked to the design principles, which form a part of the design.

Building together

This development method gives a group of private individuals control over the construction of the houses. The process starts with a housing dream: a group of private individuals unite because of this dream. They then find a location to make their dream come true, an architect to implement it and, in many cases, a professional back-up party to participate in risk-bearing. This makes CPO also possible for private individuals without their own funds. The team helps the residents shape their ideal building. They determine the price level, the architecture, the materialisation, the layout and the collective facilities of the building, within the framework of the lot. Together with the architect, they each give shape to their own home. The design vision always starts with the housing dream; the architect has the task of turning all those desires into a progressive design that everyone loves.

The exchange of mutual ideas and inspiration during the design process, result in a joint vision for the project. Your dream home is designed in a unique, contemporary way, using a powerful 3D model and a strong technical elaboration, in which your wishes are realised within the best price-quality ratio.

The ultimate goal is to design buildings / spaces where you feel most comfortable. Elements such as identity, ecological sustainability, innovation and quality play an important role in this.

Global Architects BNA remains involved during the entire process, from the first sketch up to and including the final completion.