Global Architects is an architectural firm from The Hague and knows how to surprise you with progressive designs and ideas. Using natural materials, we design various styles that make people feel pleasant, comfortable and free.


STEP 1 Statement of Requirements:

First, we map the wishes and requirements of you as the client. This is translated into a Statement of Requirements. It is also important that the Statement of Requirements is balanced in regard to your budget. We will then extensively analyse the location. The space, environment and orientation in relation to the sun play an important role in the analysis. These results lay the groundwork of the design concept. If you do not have an option on a lot yet, we can also advise you on this.

STEP 2 Preliminary design:

Based on your wishes and requirements, we will make an appropriate design. We will show you various design options, but ultimately the choice is yours which gives the design a unique and personal feeling, while taking your budget into account. The exchange of mutual ideas and inspiration during the design process, result in a joint vision for the project. Your dream home is designed in a unique, contemporary way, using a powerful 3D model and a strong technical elaboration, in which your wishes are realised within the best price-quality ratio.

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STEP 3 Final design:

In this phase, the materials and the colour scheme of the design are determined. The manufacturers are approached and questions arise, such as; what fa├žade material, what kind of door frame, which stairs, which door joints, which heating elements and which switches and sockets do we want to use. These details give the house its characteristic appearance. During this phase of the process, the architect will ensure that the building budget is not exceeded. Thinking about these materials and products together with the architect is required of the client. The architectural details will then be further developed, which will make the drawings more realistic. When the design is approved by the client, the architect will prepare the permit application and sort out the documents for the contractor selection.

STEP 4 Technical design:

Before the contractor can carry out the design, a document (technical description or specifications) and technical drawings will be compiled by the architect, which will be the guideline for the actual construction. In this document, all the materials are described, as well as all the tasks for the contractor and the installers. The terms and conditions within which the construction must be realised will also be stated in this document, as well as the warranty terms and conditions, the insurances and the regulations. The document and the drawings lay the foundation for the contract between the client and the contractor. This specification forms the basis for pricing during the contractor selection.

STEP 5 Construction:

While the contractor and his team are realising the design, the architect supervises the proceedings. Although everything is fixed in the specifications signed by all parties, unforeseen circumstances may arise during construction. The architect will advise you in these situations and come up with solutions. He monitors the timetable and checks the dimensions, the details and the materials supplied. During the construction meetings, which of course can be attended by the client, the progress is kept up and solutions are devised for unforeseen circumstances. Naturally, a report of this meeting will be made to record new agreements.

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STEP 6 Completion:

When the contractor is almost finished, he will report this to the architect and the client, so the completion can start. The architect, together with the client and the contractor, inspects whether everything has been built exactly as agreed upon. Any incompleteness or construction errors will be repaired by the contractor in accordance with the agreement as laid down in the specifications and within a fixed term.

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