Floating house

Leyla and Hamdi

When we overlook the house at the end of our tour on the back terrace, Leyla says: “The house is completely to our liking, but it also shows who we are. The openness and transparency through the many large windows. The accessibility by hardly using doors. The light that draws over our home is like a new painting every day. It makes us happy and cheerful. In that context, a complement is also due to Arthur Nuss, who has the creativity to make our thoughts, our wishes, tangible and visible. That deserves a big compliment.”

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House with a view

Bram and Janien

Standing on the outdoor terrace, Bram van de Wal looks around with satisfaction: “It has been an intense job, which took up every spare hour. But that has all been forgotten, now I look with satisfaction at the end result in which the creativity of the architect Arthur Nuss is not only emphatically visible, but was of essential value to realize this barn house. It is precisely those distinctive details that make that difference.”

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Folded House Utrecht

Pierre and Wouter

The clients, Pierre and Wouter, expressed their satisfaction with the renovation process and outcome. Engaging in remote discussions during the pandemic, the idea for the renovation emerged when neighbors noticed the potential of the backyard. Global Architects, chosen for their impressive portfolio, enthusiasm for the project, and transparent and systematic approach, played a vital role in executing the renovation.

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The Twenties

Michel and Sotrelle

We found GA with a detour. After we fell completely in love with two beach bars in Noordwijk, we did a lot of research. To find out who the architect was. We made an appointment and after a very amusing conversation we sat in the car with only one thought; “Fuck this we have to do”. But we didn’t have a house yet…

There we were, an architect, a contractor and a real estate agent. All nice people! After a long search we finally found a house, which was not too big, but where everything could really be done. Arthur and his companions got to work and came up with a concept after Christmas.

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Hidden Village

Hidde and Xiang

Having the opportunity to build a house that is tailored to your wishes is of course fantastic, but also quite exciting as a client. The adventure with Global Architects started in the summer of 2016 when we were able to reserve a building plot in The Hague at the plot shop of the municipality. We chose Global Architects not only because of their appealing projects, but also because we immediately “clicked” and that is quite important when you entrust someone to design your dream home.

Hide & Xiang van der Bijl and their sons Tommen(6) and Bowdie(4)

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House as a rock

Soren and Claudia

GA is an experienced and dynamic company with young, innovative ideas and solutions whether on the design, energy heating or cooling or practical solution during construction working with project managers and individual supplier paying attention to every detail. Moreover, while they listen to your ideas and preferences they also offers technical solutions and contemporary design ideas from across the world to your neighborhood, making your design unique and very personal. We had a fantastic and engaging experience working with GA on House as a Rock.

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Loft Jordaan

review by Ahmed Khalil, Cairo/Egypt | Loft Jordaan

Global Architects helped me design and renovate my apartment in the Jordaan area. With strong attention to detail and close supervision on the contractor they managed to deliver an amazing apartment while I was travelling during the renovations.

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White House Statenkwartier

review by private client, France | mansion Statenkwartier The Hague

Being expats and buying an old house in a new country is quite challenging.
Global Architects made our dream come true. They shared their knowledge, experience and contacts but they were also the perfect interface between us and the country, which is priceless.

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Living Levels

Roland and Debby

“Global Architects helped us tremendously to turn our ideas around living experience into a beautiful design. What in the beginning was a feeling and a wish they managed to translate into a concrete plan with a high degree of unconventionality and originality. Furthermore, they provided a lot of support during the building process and provided good advice around suppliers and craftsmen.”

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