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We are an architectural firm with 15 years of experience in energy-efficient conversion and renovation projects and know how to surprise you with progressive designs and ideas.


With natural materials we know how to design surprising buildings and spaces where people feel pleasant , comfortable and  free .


Global Architects is an innovative architectural firm from The Hague and active throughout the Netherlands. We can help you with the entire process from the first sketch, applying for the necessary permits to construction supervision.

First of all, we map out the wishes and requirements of you as a client. This is translated into a program of requirements. It is important that the program of requirements is in balance with your budget.

Below you will find an overview of renovation and sustainable renovation projects from our architectural firm. Over the past 15 years we have successfully delivered projects in The Hague, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Bergen, Roelofarendsveen, Vinkeveen, Hoofddorp, Leiden, Voorburg, Voorschoten, Nijmegen, among others.

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renovation with extension Wassenaar

Rest house Wassenaar is a sustainable renovation and high-end conversion of an existing 1930s house in Wassenaar. Creating a full-width extension with ultra-slim frame profiles creates a spacious and luxurious-feeling home with a strong indoor-outdoor relationship. The spatial experience of the house has also been increased by creating a void.

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renovation of apartment with extension Utrecht

Folded House in Utrecht is a renovation of an existing ground floor apartment from 1900 in the Vogelbuurt in the center of Utrecht. The existing conservatory was rotten and caused water damage to the home. That is why it was demolished and expanded with a modern extension.


roof extension on a classic mansion in The Hague

Natural Minimalism is a roof extension for a home extension of the top apartment of 70 m2 located on the 2nd floor in a classic mansion in the Duinoord district in The Hague. The decision was made to place a fully functioning living floor on the existing apartment.

renovation monumental villa with extension Voorburg

Villa Vyverhof is located on the edge of the Vliet in Voorburg, in a beautiful monumental garden surrounded by lots of greenery and water. The renovation of the monumental villa in Voorburg is being made completely sustainable. On the garden side, a minimalist design extension / garden room is being created.


sustainable renovation of villa Wassenaar

We have completed a sustainable renovation and high-end remodeling for a dated 1950s home in Wassenaar. As a result, a luxury villa has been designed that meets all the conveniences and comfort of today.


high-end renovation of monumental villa with extension Noordwijk

Villa White Lodge Noordwijk is a high-end renovation of an existing 1930s house in Noordwijk. The house is 225 m2 in size, the concept of the house is to create a contemporary loft-like and functional home within a dated dark space, which meets all modern conveniences.

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sustainable renovation corner house Bussum

The following components are central to the renovation of this corner house in the Spiegel in Bussum; to realize an integrated sustainability concept, energy neutral, low to no energy costs, healthy indoor climate, correct installations, smart design with lots of daylight and living spaces that increase the added value of the home (retaining value and flexibility) and give the residents a feeling of freedom. For this house, the existing wooden frames have been replaced by steel frames Perfect View.

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honorable mention BNA building of the year 2016

‘House in a House’ is the sustainable renovation of an existing terraced house from 1980 in the Spinbaankwartier in Wassenaar. The project received an honorable mention during BNA best building of the year 2016. The jury is enthusiastic about the courage that this design expresses; In these types of houses you rarely see such spaces being created. It shows that renovation can yield much more than extra cubic meters or a higher insulation value; the architect has also added a great spatial experience. This is a sympathetic project, with good cooperation between the client and architect. The honorable mention goes to the exemplary way in which a new type of spatiality has been introduced in a cauliflower district.

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BEFORE and AFTER is a photo collage of our renovation projects, with the photo of BEFORE the renovation on the left and the photo of AFTER the renovation on the right.

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review by Michel and Sotrelle

We found GA in a roundabout way. After we fell completely in love with two beach bars in Noordwijk, we did a lot of research. To find out who the architect was. We made an appointment and after a very amusing conversation we sat in the car with only one thought; “Fuck we have to do this.” But we didn’t have a house yet…

There we were, an architect, a contractor and a real estate agent. All nice people! After a long search we finally found a house that was not too big, but where everything could be done. Arthur and associates got to work and came up with a concept after Christmas.

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Featured project August 2023

Every month Global Architects architectural firm highlights a project for your renovation. This month the high-end renovation of this double upper house in the Frederik Hendrikbuurt in Amsterdam is highlighted. Located near the Westerpark, we have enlarged the top floor by raising the roof and designing a dormer window. The gap between the new roof and the existing one is reflected in the interior design of the double upper house.

Who are we

Global Architects is an architectural firm based in The Hague and active throughout the Netherlands. The dynamic design team consists of 4 architects, ir. Arthur S. Nuss, ir. Jony Nederend, ir. Kallia Theodoraki, all graduated from TU Delft and Ing. arch. Tomáš Beránek graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Prague. Our architecture is characterized by its simplicity, minimalist detailing, diversity, robust appearance and the use of natural materials.

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