Inner patio house Schapenatjesduin

Inner patio house Schapenatjesduin

Inner patio house Schapenatjesduin | is located on a Vos plot in front of the location Schapenatjesduin in The Hague. For this, we have developed the design Innerpatio house. The house is characterized by 4 volumes, which are grouped around an atrium – the inner patio – in the heart of the house. This central point is the heart of the house. Each volume has a strong relationship with an outdoor space. This transition from the inside to the outside is gradually shaped. As a result, this creates a unique home in which both the indoor and outdoor ‘patios’ come together and give the residents a unique spatial experience. The outdoor patios are designed according to the position of the sun, giving you a secure place to sit in the sun at any time of the day.

After one year, we are in the final stage of the Inner patio house!



Inner patio house Schapenatjesduin

Program and function | The house is very close to the street and very open to the garden. It looks like an unbreakable bunker from the street. Full lightness comes to you as soon as you enter the house, you can directly see the lake and the garden around you. The patio with dining table and stairs up is the major point of this house with its stunning window to the east. You can cook a meal with a view of your garden and the lake, isn’t it great? We also play a lot with a different height of the floors and ceiling.

Inner patio house Schapenatjesduin

As a result, you can see in the building how the floor follows the ground from the inner patio to the living room. This height level division is created by just a few steps, as a result, the space composition inside feeling from the interior are very various. You can really see and feel from inside the main 4 volumes the house is shaped. In the top part, you can find the private rooms of the house – bedrooms and bathrooms.

Inner patio house Schapenatjesduin



The pure shape from white pleister harmonized within wooden pergolas along the house. The pergolas and the huge openings constitute the outside inside relation described in the beginning of the article. Also inside is everything very simply designed and you see how white pleister fluently flows outside. The very special element in the interior is an inbuilt concrete fireplace with a bench for wood. The stairs between the dining and living room are from concrete. You can also admire the oak floor that continues outside as wooden terraces.

Inner patio house Schapenatjesduin

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Inner patio house Schapenatjesduin

In conclusion, these are the most important sustainable points for the house:

• earth thermal ground heat pump helps to make the house CO2 neutral

• low-temperature heating and floor cooling

• Solar panels

• The high insulation value of the house is reached by a special building method when the concrete structure is insulated from inside and outside 

• The ventilation system is based on CO2 and temperature sensors, it makes the most effective, most energy-efficient and healthiest system for a pleasant indoor climate.

• Overhang towards the south-west – an ideal passive key design that helps with the efficiency of energy.

See more about sustainability here…

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