Interior design Factory project Haarlem

The Factory project in Haarlem is a transformation project in which the former head office of Fluor Nederland at Surinamepad 17 is being transformed into 96 lofts and two commercial spaces. Factory is part of Elements Haarlem, an area development consisting of 194 rental apartments, 114 owner-occupied homes and a separate parking building (Smart Dock). Factory consists of 6 layers. The two commercial spaces, the indoor transformer and container space and various storage spaces are located on the ground floor. There are six homes on the west side, two of which are accessed via the street side. The other four houses have their front door in a closed entrance area. Near the four corners of the building, there are stairwells and lifts on the east and west facades for the connections to 44 apartments. The central sections in these facades have main entrances that are connected to the two general lifts and stairwells. The ten middle houses per floor (a total of 50 apartments) have their front door on the corridor in the core of the building.


We are currently supervising the interior design and implementation for the apartment hull type H3. The design impressions can be seen here.

The concept consists of functional spatial elements in the loft space. These elements ensure a clear layout. They also give the room the desired appearance. Each element will be materialized differently. The total loft-like feeling will therefore be felt everywhere in the apartment. to space




Global Architects architectural office has been designing interior designs and layouts since day one. We design buildings and interiors together with the end-users by this we are creating Human Involved Architecture.

Our designs for interior spaces are characterized by an open and spacious space. The designs are fresh and contemporary. To create a stylish and welcoming appearance, the spaces look fresh and clean while luxurious . The use of materials allow the spaces to be transformed into focal points and it also creates layers thus creating a luxurious ambiance.

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