Brooklyn House

Brooklyn House is a house on a corner plot with an open loft space on the ground floor. By means of a staircase at the front of the house, one enters the house 60 cm higher. This creates a level difference on the ground floor, which has a ceiling height of 3.3 m in the middle section. The ground floor has an open, lofty appearance, characterised by 2 large steel portals in plain sight, a beautiful concrete floor and a staircase that unfolds throughout the entire space. 3 rooms are situated on the first floor, 2 rooms are situated on the third floor. There is a bathroom present on each floor.


house for private client


175 m2


Arthur Nuss, Tomáš Beránek and Ivo Oosterbaan


interior design

Brooklyn House industriele loft woning Blok59_IJburg_brooklyn_house_amsterdam


Brooklyn House is characterised by an industrial look, comparable to an industrial loft in New York. The bricks are tumbled and have an authentic look because of a cement paste that is put on top of the orange stone. In combination with the black window frames, this creates a unique look for the Brooklyn House.n.

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