Double Dutch

Double Dutch is located on one of the 47 free lots in Park Noord, Leidsche Rijn Utrecht. Private individuals can build their dream home on this lot. The houses must comply with the visual quality plan drawn up by Faro Architecten. To emphasize the park-like environment of the location we have chosen to use strongly staggered building alignments. As a result, the houses are situated as autonomous volumes, placed freely in the available space, surrounded by greenery and water.


private house


200 m2 GBO


Arthur Nuss

villa-architectuur-architect vrijstaande-woning-Dordrecht-De Vrije Wilg-Architect

The concept for the Double Dutch home originated from the wishes and demands of the client and the urban planning regulations of the location (red-brown bricks, ceramic roof tiles, a roof of at least 40° and a front house). Architect Arthur Nuss of Global Architects has translated these requirements into a sleek, detailed and minimalistic yet playful design with red-brown bricks.


We have chosen to apply masonry in a wild bond with 1 cm raked mortar joint. As a result, the walls look like a solid stone entity, except for the randomly placed square windows of different sizes. Because the window frames are not visible from the outside and the windows are accentuated by white lines, a playful composition arises due to the traditional brick walls and the modern window openings. The house is characterised by clean lines, which are supported by the use of a concealed gutter and the concurrence of the expansion joints with the wall coverings of the front and rear façades.


We have chosen to use sustainable materials, without using zinc, lead or copper in the gutters. The drainage of rainwater is not connected to the sewer, but is transported on site to a ditch at the back of the plot. In order to reduce energy use we have chosen to install a solar water heater, a heat recovery shower and a CO2 controlled balanced ventilation system. Combined with the low temperature heating by means of underfloor heating in the living areas, the house is heated energy-efficiently.


Spatial experience

The spaciousness of the design can be experienced throughout the house. Double Dutch has an open floor plan without obstructing partitions and has a playfully fitted open staircase that creates an interesting spatial experience. The sloping roof combined with the large window openings can be experienced from the ground floor in the double-height area in the front house. The abstract square window openings and the large number of skylights provide beautiful lighting.