New Roots

“New Roots” will be realised through a CPO, his stands for Collective Private Commissioning. In this form of development, the future residents are the developers, and they are involved in the design of the living environment from the very beginning. We start with an empty lot and end up with a completely finished house.

You do not do this on your own, but together with a group of people: your neighbours and a group of self-selected individuals who will help you realise the project. You can choose your own contractor and architect and you can determine your own budget.

New Roots gebiedsontwikkeling van onderop

CPO: initiative and management

“New Roots” is an initiative of Global Architects, SEM Makelaars and MijnWoonID, this results in you not bearing the risks as a private individual while having all the advantages of a CPO. “New Roots” offers you security in the financial field and the team of architects, contractors and process supervisors will provide you with optimal guidance to realise your dream house. The design fits together cleverly, which gives it, in addition to certainty, complete freedom concerning the choice of the façade, the housing type, the position within the area and the layout of the house.


Type: Birdhouse

The “Birdhouse” type has the look of a pavilion. The roof surface runs upwards towards the window frames, this creates optimal lighting. This unique roof shape ensures that the rain water can be easily collected in a water tank, which is located in the middle of the house.

New Roots gebiedsontwikkeling van onderop

Type: Into the woods

The “Into the woods” type is a contemporary modern designed house, which is characterised by its large glass surfaces, sleek façade detailing, the use of tough, natural materials and the strongly designed inside-outside transition.


Type: Foresthome

The “Foresthome” type is characterised by the experience of the high ridge in the living room. At the top of the bedroom, a floor has been added to form an additional sleeping area. Because of the high ceilings, this house gives you a unique spatial experience. The design also has an industrial appearance. The weathered facing brick with steel-coloured frames gives the house a unique look.