Penthouse London

Penthouse London is a renovation & interior design project of an existing penthouse in Kensington, London. The current situation no longer meets the functionality and energy requirements of the client.


Renovation for private client


150 m2

Project team

Arthur Nuss, Tomáš Beránek, Bob den Os, Josien Kruizinga

The new layout of the penthouse London is designed from the Loft concept, living areas designed to be as spacious as possible, with playful elements placed freely in the room, such as the kitchen, the open fireplace, the fitted wardrobes and the bathrooms

before renovation

renovatie Penthouse Kensington London

The materialisation is natural and sustainable. The following sustainable measures are taken to make the house energy-efficient;
– Replacing the existing insulation material with high-quality insulation material
– Installation of insulated aluminium frames with HR++ glass and crack sealing
– Integrated ventilation grille for natural ventilation of the living areas
– Integrated sun protection system
– Air heat pump in combination with floor heating and cooling
– Complete smart LED lighting system