Villa White Lodge Noordwijk

Villa White Lodge Noordwijk is a renovation of an existing 1930s home in Noordwijk. The home is 225 m2 in size, the concept of the home is to create a high-end contemporary, loft-like and functional home within a dated dark space that meets all modern conveniences.

The high-end renovation of villa White Lodge consisted of increasing the spaciousness of the home, creating a strong indoor-outdoor relationship and renovating the house energy efficient.

All around the frames have been replaced by new wooden frames with double glazing. We have also cut out the parapets, creating a stronger inside-outside relationship. The front of the dining room is a harmonica folding front and can be opened completely. The layout of the rod division has been adjusted to a stylish subdivision that matches the character of the house.


Renovation of a villa for a private client


225 m2


Arthur Nuss and Tomáš Beránek

Inside the house, the spaciousness has been enhanced by wall breakthroughs, which all lead to the dining room, the central location of the house. The new insulated concrete floor of lightly fluted concrete seamlessly connects all spaces.

The expired uninsulated extension has been replaced by a contemporary extension with ultra-thin window frames with a viewing width of 18 mm and gives the house a stylish addition. In addition to the design for the outside and inside, we also helped design the garden, creating a powerful whole and elegantly merging inside and outside.

The materials chosen are mostly natural materials, such as wood, concrete and natural stone. The detailing is minimalist. The open design creates a beautifully light villa with its own contemporary look.

The program of Villa White Lodge Noordwijk consists of living spaces on the ground floor and the sleeping areas on the floor.

The following parts have been updated during the renovation:

– floor-to-ceiling window frames in the dining room
– new frames with double glazing
– new ground insulated floor with underfloor heating
– residential concrete
– kitchen
– wall breakthroughs
– extension
– garden design

architect renovatie interieurontwerp vergunningen bouwbegeleiding verbouwingen


architect renovatie interieurontwerp vergunningen bouwbegeleiding verbouwingen