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Villa Cubic island

Villa Cubic island is a design by Global Architects for Cubic island.

Do you want an energy-neutral and extraordinarily designed home with lots of space? And do you also want to live close to the city centre? Build your own cube house on Cubic Island in Terwijde.

On Cubic Island, you can build a cube house exactly the way you want to: close to the city, right on the waterfront or located near a large courtyard with lots of space around you.


private house


260 m2


Arthur Nuss

Interested in a design for a lot on Kubuseiland?

built your Cubic House

The ecological culture house focuses on the balance between the cultural needs of the residents and a healthy, natural environment. The use of the house responds to the changing living culture of the residents.

The cultural residences are situated around a patio, which provides the house with natural cooling and a view of the greenery. The kitchen and bathroom fuse box groups are connected to the serving wall, using a greywater system and providing the house with green energy. The serving wall Also serves as circulation space and creates spatial coherence between the various rooms. The house is flexible in design and a room can easily be arranged differently.

Sustainable characteristics:
– 12 solar panels, delivering € 966.96 per year
– Green roof, ensuring natural cooling and more efficient solar panels
– Greywater system, using rainwater for toilet flushing
– CO2 reduction
– Natural ventilation
– High-quality insulation material
– Prefab construction system, short construction time, high-quality materials

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