villa Vijverhof Voorburg

The villa Vyverhof is located on the edge of the Vliet canal in Voorburg, located in a monumental garden surrounded by lots of greenery and water.

Currently we have started with the renovation work of the exisitng house. New arched openings are created in the entrance hall. The spacious rooms of the ground floor are upgraded by revealing the original wooden beams of the ceiling. On the first floor the master bedroom is the main feature. Part of the ceiling is removed to reveal the roof and enlarge the space. New windows are added to allow for more natural daylight inside and unobstructed views to nature outside.

The following sustainable works will happen: insulation added inside, PV panels on the roof, old single glazed panes are replaced with HR++ and there will be a new energy concept with a heathpump.


extension in a contemporary pavilion architecture

We have designed a pavilion-like minimalist extension at the backside of the villa. The concept of the design is to create a clear contrast between the classically designed existing home and the minimalist, timeless, modern extension. Both styles will reinforce each other and respect each other’s value.

The extension will become a transparent garden room, creating a strong indoor-outdoor relationship between the interior space and the beautiful garden with monumental trees.

The materialization of the extension will consist of honest natural materials such as steel, natural stone and wood, which fit well with the function of the garden room as well as with the existing garden.