restaurant LOFT88 IJsselstein

Nestled in the heart of Ijsselstein, Loft 88 beckons as a cozy and inviting haven, perfect for relaxing with family and friends while savoring delectable eats and drinks. The traditional facade blends harmoniously with the local surroundings, and the terrace, positioned across the street next to the canal, provides a charming outdoor retreat.


The design process for Loft 88 revolves around creating an urban oasis infused with a delightful boho vibe. Inside, a thoughtfully curated layout combines the cool and edgy urban aesthetic with the warm and inviting ambiance of a beach retreat. A charming mix of tables and chairs adds a welcoming touch, inviting guests to unwind and enjoy the atmosphere.

Strategically positioned near the entrance, the bar becomes a focal point, ensuring its visibility from all areas, creating an energetic flow throughout the restaurant. Transparency reigns supreme, with an open kitchen, inviting guests to witness the culinary artistry at work.




350 m2

Project team

Arthur Nuss, Tomáš Beránek,

Kallia Theodoraki en Leonardo Neill

In association with

Loft 88
Gebroeders Bergstra


Tim Buiting

Step out onto the terrace, where a delightful mix of seating arrangements awaits. From high bar tables to intimate low settings and cozy lounge areas, every corner ties into the overarching boho theme. Thoughtful placement of plant boxes and lush greenery further enhances the experience, creating intriguing spaces that beckon exploration.

Natural materials

Materials at Loft 88 are thoughtfully selected, prioritizing fairness and sustainability. The kitchen boasts an array of natural and eco-conscious products, echoing the ethos of the establishment. Embracing the boho vibe, natural bricks and wood set the tone, while a reed ceiling softens the space, infusing it with a tropical allure.