renovation apartment Utrecht

review by Wouter and Pierre

The clients, Pierre and Wouter, expressed their satisfaction with the renovation process and outcome. Engaging in remote discussions during the pandemic, the idea for the renovation emerged when neighbors noticed the potential of the backyard. Global Architects, chosen for their impressive portfolio, enthusiasm for the project, and transparent and systematic approach, played a vital role in executing the renovation.

The architects, Jony and Kallia, added invaluable insights, utilizing 3D files to present innovative and surprising space utilization ideas while always respecting the clients’ wishes and mood board. Throughout the project, Global Architects provided comprehensive support, demonstrating an exceptional eye for detail and providing guidance at every stage.

Additionally, the architects skillfully handled the building permit application and facilitated collaboration with a local contractor who perfectly suited the project. Global Architects negotiated with the contractor to ensure affordability while also conducting technical consultations for matters beyond the clients’ expertise.

The end result exceeded the clients’ expectations, dramatically transforming their living experience. The success of the renovation can be attributed to Global Architects’ vision, expertise, and unwavering support, along with the outstanding work of the contractor. Timely delivery of the project was an added delight.

We completely renovated this ground floor apartment in the Noordoost district in Utrecht last year. The old conservatory has been removed and further expanded towards the garden.

The modern extension folds into the existing house and becomes visible in the wooden beamed ceiling. The new part has a wooden ceiling and the existing part has a stucco ceiling.

Folded House Utrecht

Folded House Utrecht