architectural office for beachclubs

Global Architects architectural office for beachclubs are designing beachclubs since 2010, like Branding Beach, Tulum Tulum and Hippie Fish.

Our designs for beachclubs are charactarized by an open and spacious character. The designs are fresh and contemporary. To create a stylish and welcoming appearance, the beachclubs have to look like it has been there for years. The use of materials, detailed window frames and pergolas give the pavilion its special character. Neutral colours have been used in shades of grey. The people give the pavilion its colour.

Branding beachclub Noordwijk architect architectenbureau

Branding Beach

In terms of appearance in the exterior and interior design, warm, stylish elements are interspersed with tough industrial elements. Creating different atmospheres is central to the exterior design of Branding Beach Club Noordwijk. Protected areas are interspersed with more open areas. It should also give visitors a feeling of coziness and relaxation on quiet days.  The Different volumes and materials gives it a playfulness that is coherent  and a connection to the beach allowing the sliding doors to be opened and creating an indoor outdoor enviroment.

Branding beachclub Noordwijk architect architectenbureau

Beach bar

This multifunctional beach bar is designed with the optimal beach experience bt using rough materials like wood and branches. From inside it is very functional and contains a bar and kitchen. On warm days visitors on the beach can order drinks and food on the beac bar.

Tulum Tulum Noordwijk architect

Tulum Tulum

Tulum Tulum Noordwijk has an open and spacious character, the design is fresh and contemporary. It should radiate the feeling that it has been there for years, so that it blends in and has an accessible appearance. The detailed window frames and pergolas  give the pavilion its special character. The roof consists of a zinc top layer. In terms of color, neutral colors in shades of gray have been chosen. The people give the pavilion its color.

The interior of Tulum Tulum Noordwijk is functional in design. The position of the inner bars, entry point, relationship with the kitchen and walking routes have been devised in a smart and clear way so that staff and users can function optimally.

Central to Tulum Tulum Noordwijk is a large serving bar, with a serving element behind it, in which the cooling, toilets and office are located. The spatial, attractive design matches the appearance of the beach club.

strong visualisations during design proces

During the design proces we make as an architectural office strong visualisations from our design concepts for beachclubs.

The spatial concept for this new design concept is explained here. There are several extensions to the main building, the extensions give the beach pavilion the vibe and appearance that matches the beach. In terms of design, it is fresh and contemporary, using natural materials and a strong indoor-outdoor relationship.

The beachclub is located between two beach entrances. This makes it accessible through the extension on both the North and East sides of the pavilion. The layout consists of the bar at the heart and the kitchen next to it, this creates a focal and visual point allowing you to see the rest of the beach club. The North side also acts as a private area creating a secondary entrance point for events; it also has a connection to the kitchen and a small bar island. 

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