Beach House renovation Zandvoort

This beach house is a example of sustainable renovation in Zandvoort, seamlessly blending the beauty of the local beach environment with innovative interior design. Zandvoort lays close to the beach and close to Haarlem and Bloemendaal.

One notable feature of this eco-conscious beach house is the strategically placed void on the back side. This element not only adds an visual dimension to the space but also serves a functional purpose by allowing  natural light to flood the interiors. The large windows and open layout connect the residents with the  outdoor landscape.

Sustainability is at the heart of this beach house’s design. It incorporates energy-efficient systems. By seamlessly integrating sustainable living with the captivating beachside aesthetics, this renovated beach house offers a exceptional and responsible coastal living experience.

Beach House renovation Zandvoort

interior images of Beach House renovation Zandvoort

Beach House renovation Zandvoort

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