high-end renovation double upper apartment Amsterdam

Last month, the environmental permit was granted for raising the roof and installing a full-width dormer window for the high-end renovation on the top floor of a double upper apartment in Amsterdam.

For the high-end renovation of this double upper house in the Frederik Hendrikbuurt in Amsterdam near the Westerpark, we expanded the top floor by raising the roof and designing a dormer window. The gap between the new roof and the existing one is reflected in the interior design of the double upper house.

In current use, the living area is on the 4th floor and the sleeping areas are on the 5th floor. We have reversed this in the new design. This creates a new living floor on the top floor with a strong indoor-outdoor relationship to the balcony and roof terrace.

Stay informed about the design and implementation via this page. The implementation of this high-end renovation of the double upper apartment in Amsterdam will start in October 2023.



It was decided to make the new ceiling in oak beams, which remain visible. The beams are structurally connected to each other by an invisible connection.

The full-width dormer window will have a skylight, creating an interesting play of light. This in combination with the open floor plan creates a loft-like high-end experience with natural materials. This creates a feeling of freedom that matches the wishes of the residents.

The minimalist staircase made of blue steel goes to the roof terrace, where you have a beautiful view of Amsterdam.






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