Ibiza architect

Ibiza architect – In recent years we have worked on several villas in Ibiza. Global Architects designs and realizes buildings and interiors together with the residents. This creates a human involved architecture where people feel comfortable, comfortable and free. Our architecture is characterized by its simplicity, minimalist detailing, variety, robust appearance and the use of natural materials.

The villa presented here is currently being built in Schapenatjesduin behind the dunes of Kijkduin in The Hague. The concept of the house consists of 4 white stucco volumes, which create a spatial dynamic with each other. In addition, the four volumes moved from one another ensure that three salvaged outdoor spaces are created. During the day, depending on the position of the sun, the residents can always sit outside in a different pleasant place.


The clients’ dream was a modern villa inspired by the architecture in Ibiza. By adding sturdy designed pergolas in combination with four white stucco volumes, this contemporary home is inspired by Ibizan architecture, which is designed in a contemporary Dutch way.

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Our designs are characterized by a total design, whereby we have designed the exterior (architecture), interior (interior design) and the outdoor space (garden design) in relation to each other. This means that all three components reinforce each other, creating a total design.