Beach cottages the Dunes

Beach cottages the Dunes have an open and spacious character, the design is fresh and contemporary.

The cottage has an all-around orientation with the side façades running all the way to the roof surfaces. There is an almost completely transparent façade on both ends, with a maximum view of the sea, the beach and the dunes. The porch at the front gives a maximum view of the beach and the sea, and emphasizes the open character of the cottage. By the use of a folding door and the same wooden materialisation on the floor of the porch and the living room, this inside-outside relationship is also noticeable inside the cottage. The porch is designed as an outdoor room, where the façade material of the side façade and the roof run through as an overhang.


holiday house


45 m2


Arthur Nuss and Tomáš Beránek

Located in the middle are the serving areas (bathroom, kitchen, technical area) and the entrance to the mezzanine. A raised double bed is located at the back of the house, including an outside storage for outdoor seats, a surfboard, a wetsuit etc. The mezzanine also offers space for 4 sleeping spots and is secured by means of a fish net, a nice recognisable element matching the beach. An outdoor shower is located at the rear of the beach cottage, so one can rinse off without too much sand getting into the cottage.

Because of the placement of the cottages on the edge of the plot, an inner patio is created on the beach to the south of each house, where one can enjoy the sea, the beach and the dunes without it getting to windy. By placing the entrance staircase to the porch and the beach cottage on the side, this relationship is strengthened. A wooden pole will also be placed here, to which a hammock can be attached. The beach cottages will be rotated 15 degrees alternately, to create a lively and playful design.


In terms of material, we have chosen to use neutral and natural materials, such as bamboo, untreated wood, steel and glass, matching with the beach and the dunes. The people give the beach cottages its colour. The interior is functional and the lighting is beautiful, while having a maximum view of the sea and the beach.


strandhuisjes de Duinen

The beach cottage is designed from an integral sustainability concept, where all quality aspects are weighed; functionality, sustainability, durability, comfort, costs, health and saleability. An integral design approach is the basis for an energy-conscious design, which is aimed at a comfortable and healthy indoor climate with the lowest possible energy consumption. There are a lot of possibilities in the design, which can be quite important, such as thoughtful orientation, efficient use of daylight and the application of climate buffers. Additionally, the desired installation model is developed to match the energy ambitions of the client. The materials used must be carefully chosen and will be produced and transported in an energy-efficient way, without the emission of harmful substances.