CPO Albatros kangeroewoningen

CPO Albatros Generational living

CPO Albatros is an apartment complex with intergenerational  homes designed and developed for CPO construction group Almost Home. CPO Albatros consists of 12  homes. Each house consists of 2 apartments, which are internally connected.





Kangeroewoningen in collectief particulier opdrachtgeverschap (CPO)


Living 1900 m2 BVO

Project team

Tomáš Beránek, Kallia Theodoraki, Arthur Nuss en Jony Nederend




Alfred Lor

CPO Albatros kangeroewoningen

Construction group ‘together at home’ consists of 12 households of multi-generation homes. These 3-generation apartments offer residents the opportunity to live together and take care of each other. The grandparents can look after the grandchildren and the parents can take care of the grandparents.

The apartments are arranged in such a way that grandparents and parents with children can visit each other and live separately from each other, a number of functions will be shared.

Each apartment will have its front door on the street side of the apartment complex. A combination of a portico and a gallery connection was chosen. This access ensures maximum flexibility in the wire model of the apartment complex.

Natuurlijke uitstraling met lichte vriendelijke materialen

Architects Tomas Beranek and Arthur Nuss about CPO Albatros kangaroo houses:

“It was our task to bring together the wishes of construction group Almost Home in a striking design for CPO Albatros kangaroo homes.”

“As an architect, it is not only important to have a broad creative mind, it is especially important to delve into the wishes of residents. Watching and listening, who they are and how they wish to live and how they want to live.