House as a Rock

House as a rock is a modern dream villa, developed as a private commissioning project in the dunes of the Westlandse Zoom in the South of Holland at the beach. The residents asked for much space, light and a minimalist, modern design. The urban building requirement was for a gable-roofed house and a gutter of maximally 6 metres high.


Private house


320 m2 GBO


Arthur Nuss and Tomáš Beránek


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Instead of a traditional gable roof, we have merged the house and the roof to create a sculptural form that emerges from the dunes like a rock. Each side of the house has its own character: at the eastern side, the roof was extended until 1 metre above surface level, whereas at the southwest, the incised roof reaches up to 6 metres. A cut-out creates a pleasant exterior space and a singular appearance. The southern facade is the most open. The residents wanted to maintain as close a relationship with the water and the beautiful view as possible. The large windows and two sunrooms highlight the transition from inside to outside and render the feeling of living outdoors: regardless of the season.



The serrated dunes that will embrace the house, will bring a sense of privacy at both the northern, eastern and western sides and nestle the villa in nature.

Just as each facade has their own character, there is not a single space inside the house that is quite the same. This is apparent from the outside through the various sizes of the windows, who are key elements in both the interior and the facade. Light, space, views and unique living are at the heart of this exceptional de- sign. The villa is an eye catcher in the dunes and at the same time blends into the surroundings.

Detail and materialization

Robust stone in a light sand colour was the choice material, befitting the dunescape. The brickwork is pointed in the same colour,which renders the house even more sculpture-like, like its hewn out of the rock. In addition to sandstone, other robust materials were chosen for both inside and outside, such as concrete, timber, steel, stone and glass: materials that match the minimalist living requirements of the customers. The neutral inside colours
highlight the customer-created artworks beautifully.

Home comfort and sustainable building were spearheading the construction of this house. The house stands out because of the following sustainable features:

Sustainable building

– 2 x earth thermal ground heatpumps 135 meters deep each to help make house more CO2 neutral
– low temperature heating and floor cooling;
– Solar heater;
– High insulation value: roof rc 8, wall rc 5 and floor rc 5;
– CO2 driven natural ventilation;
– Overhang towards the south.

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