Kloet 3 terraced house Den Haag

Kloet 3 is a contemporary architectural terraced house built on an empty plot in Deelplan 20 Ypenburg Den Haag. The terraced house is designed by Global Architects and built by Best Bouw.

The municipality of Den Haag gave people the possibility to buy a plot and select their own architect and building company. So they can build their dream house within the rules from the Urban plan.


Terraced house built in private commissioning


240 m2 GBO

Project team

Arthur Nuss, Tomáš Beránek, Jony Nederend en Kallia Theodoraki


Alfred Lor

Kloet 3 Deelplan 20 Den Haag

Spatial concept

From the outside, the house is a playful composition from different shaped window openings, a bay window with an industrial urban brick concealing a voluminous space within. Internally, the house is organized around a central service block, the atrium connects the communal spaces allowing a spatial connection and interaction between the family. At the top of the stairs there is a private roof terrace with a series of playful window openings filtering daylight into this central atrium space.

Global Architects architectenbureau Den Haag

In the terraced house you will experience the spatial concept of the house. At the ground floor the entry is divided from the living spaces. This element breaks up the space and allows privacy and is materialized in the same industrial brick as the outside creating an indoor outdoor feel. The different shaped windows give a paranormal view from inside to outside and natural light can funnel in.


The ground floor consists of an open plan living space. This space is divided by a service element which contains the fuse box, toilet and utility wall for the kitchen. Next to the kitchen island is the dining area. 

Split level

The living room at the garden side has a split level to create extra daylight and a spatial feeling with a staircase going up in the atrium. Because of the combination of the split-level structure, the atrium and the staircases, the different levels of the house are truly interconnected in a single, continuous flow.

The first floor contains 2 bedrooms, a toilet and bathroom. Above the living room the floor has a bedroom / office space; the playfulness in the windows allow for a space to relax and admire the views and above this is the roof terrace. On the second floor there is an office space, bedroom and second bathroom.

Rooftop terrace

On the rooftop terrace you will experience the interaction between the industrial bricks and the playful black aluminum window profiles. It culminates the journey as a place with a great view of the nature reserve at the backside and at the same time the urban feeling of the spatial concept of the house. 

Kloet 3 tussenwoning Den Haag


Ultimate goal of the design is to create a friendly and healthy indoor climate with respect to the users of the building and the natural environment. The approach to sustainability revolves around several core features: integration of passive and active strategies, using high insulating materials and ample natural daylight.


We have based this on the following principles:

– We design based on the principles of Trias Energetica: we limit the energy requirement and focus on sustainable energy.

– The energy requirement is limited because we assume a favorable open-close ratio of the facade, triple glazing and extra high requirements with regard to gap sealing.

– Installation is provided by an air-water heat pump and solar panels.

The above principles lead to very comfortable and healthy terraced houses. A very comfortable indoor climate is created by a combination of a well-insulated shell, low-temperature underfloor heating and cooling and WTW (mechanical ventilation with room control), in line with the expectations and wishes of the residents.