Living Levels

Living Levels | Ceiling height matters

The architectural concept draws inspiration from the ‘Raumplan’ philosophy, emphasizing a three-dimensional approach to building design for immersive experiences.

The entrance area is the lowest, leading to the living area at a medium height, and concluding on the ground floor with the kitchen and dining area featuring the highest free height. The concept is extended upstairs, where the spaces have different heights and the roof’s form is echoed in every room..


Cornerhouse for private client


Tomáš Beránek, Jony Nederend, Kallia Theodoraki en Arthur Nuss


Bouwbedrijf Jongerius


Alfred Lor


The main characteristic of this residence is a delicate balance between simplicity and playfulness. Designed as a corner row house with a gabled roof and a front extension, the exterior showcases a playful arrangement of windows that seamlessly transitions from the outside to the inside.

This newly built project is located in the up-and-coming residential neighborhood of Schapenatjesduin, in Den Haag along the coastal region, and among sand dunes. This row house is one of the newly built projects by Global Architects.

Program and Function

The floor plan consists of a simple rectangular layout. Contradictory to its exterior, the interior is playfully split up into different levels as mentioned above. The staircase is positioned in the center of the northmost façade and serves as the backbone of the design. This creates an inviting spatial organization, that nudges the viewer to explore the far corners of this house. The open floor plan consists of a wooden deck on the western front. Large openings ensure there is plenty of daylight in the common area.  A terrace is placed on the eastern wing of the dwelling, by reducing the volume in the eastern corner. This creates a unique view overlooking the pond and the neighborhood. The design goes further than the architectural level. The micro-scale interventions include custom-made furniture, contributing to a unique and luxurious experience.


The building is clad in sand-colored bricks. The bricks are sticking out randomly, which gives plasticity to the façade, complemented by dark grey aluminum frames, which create an aesthetic relationship between the dwelling and its surroundings. The front door is detailed with vertical red western cedar. The main staircase is fashioned in a standard wooden construction. 


The building addresses various facets of sustainability.  The building envelope is designed so that it consists of a well-insulated shell, making it impervious to harsh climates. The windows are triple-glazed. This ensures that there’s even less heat loss from the openings. Moreover, to reduce energy consumption, screens play an important part in absorbing heat in the winter and releasing it in the summer. The roof is equipped with PV panels.  Furthermore, Solar-energy harvesters and heat pump are all incorporated in the new construction. The glasshouse at the backside maximizes the use of natural resources.