Loft Jordaan

Loft Jordaan is a renovation of an existing seventies house on the Brouwersgracht in Amsterdam. The house is 75 m2 large, the concept of the house is to create a contemporary, functional, loft-like residence, which meets all the conveniences of our time while using a limited space.


Renovation of an apartment for a private client


75 m2


Arthur Nuss, Tomáš Beránek and Ivo Oosterbaan

The plan of the residence consists out of a living area and a sleeping area. Both parts are separated from each other by functionally placed elements between the bedroom and the living area. These elements contain the bathroom, the wardrobe and the technical room. The identity of these elements is strengthened by the use of floor-high doors.


In the middle of the space across from the bathroom, an open kitchen is placed, which also serves as a passage to the garden behind.

loft Jordaan before renovation

before renovation

Loft Jordaan eigentijdse verbouwing bestaande jaren 70 woning


Each element has its own identity because it is materialized in its own way. The chosen materials are mostly natural materials, such as wood, concrete and natural stone. The detailing is minimalistic. The open design creates a beautiful and light apartment with its own contemporary look.