student housing Hagex The Hague

Student housing Hagex The Hague is a transformation project in the Schilderswijk of The Hague, urban renewal through the addition of a roof structure and a new target group. As a result, the existing building will have an entirely new and open look, which the neighbourhood will love. The second floor of the existing industrial building will be transformed into 16 student residences. At the same time, a roof structure will be built on top of the building with 17 student residences that have been designed in an industrial contemporary manner.


Transformation industry to student housing with a rooftop


33 student apartments, total 1000 m2


Arthur Nuss, Tomáš Beránek and Ivo Oosterbaan

A campus contract will be used, which will lead to a new and interesting target group being added to the district.

The horizontal distribution of the existing buildings will be continued in the roof structure and will form the end of the building.

The façade will be slightly moved back compared to the existing façade, making the structure appear lighter, the horizontal steel roof termination also contributes to this. Planters serve as fall-through protection at the location of the windows which can be opened, the planters and the position of the steel frame relative to the window frames give the structure more plasticity.

micro lofts


student housing

In the student housing transformation Hagex the existing structure remains visible. There is a free ceiling height of almost 3.7 meters, which makes it possible to place a mattress on the unit of the bathroom and kitchen. This results in the space being used more efficiently and creates more room for a seating and study area.