Inside Out ROC Mondriaan

The concept for the media centre “Inside Out ROC Mondriaan” facilitates functionality, flexibility and above all a new spot for meetings, where pupils, parents, employees and board members of the ROC Mondriaan College can share knowledge and information.

We have chosen to divide the existing space into several rooms without affecting the whole. This is achieved by placing three different volumes in the existing space.


renovation, herindeling mediatheekruimte van ROC Mondriaan college


400 m2


Arthur Nuss, Tomáš Beránek and Ivo Oosterbaan

Each volume adds another function to the media centre. Because the volumes are placed freely in the space and are different in shape, a special spatial experience is created in the media centre. The arrangement of the volumes creates interesting perspectives and exciting views without detracting from the spaciousness of the existing space, on the contrary, it strengthens its spatiality.

Functionality and flexibility

The two volumes form permanent components in the space. The area around it can be used for different set-ups due to the placement of the volumes and the built-in interchangeability. The tables in the room can be used as workshop tables, market tables spread throughout the room or as one large conference table. The meeting room can be opened as part of a market, or closed during small workshops or meetings. The grandstand can be used for both small and large presentations, parents’ evenings and graduation ceremonies. It is ideal for varying use of space.


Volume 1 is the grandstand of which the basic form can accommodate 108 people. There is also ample storage space underneath the grandstand for storing extra seats that can be used if there is a shortage of seats.


Volume 2 is the multimediabox, a quirky volume that is designed with minimalistic surface openings and a green plant wall. Here you can store your jacket. The volume of the multimediabox folds into a lounge area that can be used flexibly: meetings, drinks, performances (informal presentations and performances).


The ‘back’ of the multimediabox serves as a projection screen for the stands.

The conference room, together with the work islands, forms the workshop zone. The long back wall along this zone can be used as a presentation wall.


architect renovatie interieurontwerp vergunningen bouwbegeleiding verbouwingen

before renovation