the Filter Rome

Dutch architecture offices Global Architects and Bloot Architecture cooperated in an international team of architects and became third in the Vertical Spa in Rome International Architectural Competition. More images and architect’s description after the break.




10000 m2


Arthur Nuss, Aday Citgez, Sing Ping Chan, Tjeerd Bloothoofd and Borys Kozlowski


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The building filters the urban context of Rome and works as a
purification-filter of the human body and mind.

The closer you reach the Spa your perception of the building changes according to the urban context.

De Filter, een 100 m hoge verticale Spa naast het Colosseum in Rome

The journey of the spa-experience starts at the top of the building. The first level of purification is to get elevated from the
chaotic urban life. Through the filtering planes users going down the building like water dripping and get filtered by the different spa functions.
The space generated between the filtering planes, acts as a
connecting void in which one program infiltrates into the other. In these voids one moves through the building and is
constantly exposed to different “framed” views on the city of Rome.

There are 4 stages of getting purified get elevated of daily life get warmed up
3.get physical down