LOFT Hotel

LOFT Hotel is a transformation of an existing office building to hotel apartments. LOFT Hotel is a new concept for a hotel: in a traditional hotel the emphasis lies on the bed, the emphasis in LOFT Hotel lies on the loft area with the open kitchen, the dining room and the seating area. LOFT Hotel is located in an existing office building in the Beukenhorst West area in Hoofddorp. Hoofddorp is evolving into a future-proof and more vibrant city where working, living and certain facilities fit together perfectly. Beukenhorst West, the area between the centre of Hoofddorp and the train station, plays an important role in this evolution. The construction of LOFT Hotel in the former business district matches this development.

LOFT Hotel focuses on expats and business travellers, who stay in the Netherlands for 1 to 26 weeks. The appearance of the rooms is contemporary and fresh, matching with the needs of a modern business traveller. LOFT Hotel is also equipped with all the comforts of modern times.


Transformation office to hotel


3200 m2 GO


Arthur Nuss and Tomáš Beránek



Beukenhorst West and the area surrounding it currently lack liveliness and vitality, which are quite relevant for a provincial capital. These aspects should be strongly encouraged. Our initiative will fit seamlessly with the ambitions and structural vision of the city of Hoofddorp.

The rooms immediately give the guests a homely feeling, which is perfect for business travellers and expats who spent a lot of time away from home. Due to the daylight, the rooms are ideally suited for work, while also having the possibility to cook and relax. In addition, the LOFT Hotel has the same service as a normal hotel. The guests can order food and drinks at any time. They can also decide for themselves how often the rooms are cleaned: every day, every three days or every week, depending on how long their stay is.

The ground floor does not have a traditional reception, it has a cosy bar where you can check in and have a drink or a snack. The common area / lounge is designed to represent different living rooms and is linked to a spacious terrace on the south, with a nice view of the water. The LOFT hotel also has a small fitness area, which guests can use free of charge.
The common area will also be open to visitors during the day and the evening, where they can work in a “living room atmosphere” or meet guests of the hotel. The LOFT concept will also be fully expressed in the common areas.