Tiny Beach House

Tiny Beach House, the design assignment for the renovation of this former fisherman’s house on the Ankerstraat in Scheveningen, aimed to shape both the holiday feeling of the location and the experience of the space in an efficient and contemporary way.


Renovation house for private client


60 m2


Arthur Nuss and Tomas Beranek

renovatie_den_haag_vissershuisje_Tiny Beach house_01

The ground floor of Tiny Beach House includes the living room and the dining room. The kitchen and the staircase, designed as a piece of furniture in minimalist style, provide the necessary storage space. These include a hidden refrigerator, storage for the oven and bookshelves.

renovatie_den_haag_vissershuisje_Tiny Beach house_01

A clear division of the functionality and the reduction of the scale of the space have been achieved without compromising the interior. The function of the living room and of the dining room is emphasized even more because the beautifully restored wooden beamed ceiling unfolds above the living room and the stucco ceiling of the extension on the first floor above unfolds above the dining room and kitchen.

Tiny Beach House

before renovation

renovatie_den_haag_vissershuisje_Tiny Beach house_01


The beige plastered walls, the white ceilings of the stucco and the original wooden-beam structure and the concrete floor of micro-cement give the interior a fresh, light beachy look. The concrete floor extends into the town, emphasizing the inside-outside relationship. Also because the Tudor sliding door can be opened to the maximum.

renovatie_den_haag_vissershuisje_Tiny Beach house

The result is a living experience that evokes a feeling of freedom, crowned with a comfortable indoor climate through the application of ecologically sustainable architectural principles.

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Tiny Beach House

The following sustainable measures were implemented during the renovation of the house:

– post-insulation walls with wood

-fiber panels and clay stucco workplaces double

-glass replacements boiler for underfloor heating on PV panels

– LED lighting

– gasless

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