Renovation mansion architect Noordwijk

Renovation mansion architect Noordwijk | The renovation of this mansion, originally built in the year 1918, started with the question of the clients to redesign the topfloor of the house to a modern house in an energie efficient and contemporary way without compromising the overall spatial experience.

Renovation mansion Noordwijk

Before we go inside...

The whole roof is isolated to 2023 standars in isolating values, so it gets today standard comfort. Newly higher dormer are built with a contemporary appearance.


The material from the dormers are sink with contemporary details.

Renovation mansion Noordwijk

Program and function | Before the topfloor had a crampy feeling. By taking away part of the attic, the top floor becomes much more spatious. The master bedroom has an open bedroom fitting to the design and loft appearance.

The shower made from concrete is a free standing element in the masterbedroom and gives extra hight to the space.

The internal renovation of this mansion in Noordwijk has a beachy natural vibe. See here more renovation projects.

panoramic view on the sea