sustainable renovation country house Wassenaar – architect

sustainable renovation country house Wassenaar – architect

Located in Wassenaar, this country house is an upcoming renovation project under construction to be completed by Global Architects. Predominantly, alterations carried out in the interior space consist of removing parts of the old ceiling, this creates a double-heighted ceiling effect, both in the living room and the master bedroom.

duurzame renovatie 2-onder-1-kap woning Wassenaar

Likewise, the walls in the common areas are removed to create an overall connected space. The garage space is converted into a cosy guest room with an ensuite bathroom. While the buildings exterior has been respectfully maintained, the interior walls and the roof have been insulated internally.

Selection of new material is based on its relative properties to the original walls. They are visible externally, on the side and back elevations, with contemporary minimalistic window frames. New flooring also plays a big part in emphasizing the continuity of the contemporary spaces.