The terraced house renovation Conradkade, The Hague

The terraced house renovation Conradkade | The house originally built-in 1894 is an amazing piece of architecture of that time, but as every old house, it needs new inputs and carefully done renovation to be renewed after a while. The idea is to bring the house to the current era, carefully change the plan, use the newest and sustainable technologies and keep the crucial soul of the house for future generations.

The house is divided into a ground floor apartment with a garden and the top two-story apartment with a conservatory and roof terrace. Let’s have a look at the top apartment first.

The terraced house renovation Conradkade

The main part of the first floor in the house consists of a large space that contains the living room, the dining room and small conservatory at the back. Two minimalist style built-in closets with old refurbished sliding door are centrally positioned alongside both walls. These closets and newly designed stairs break the space to more cosy living with a nice place for dining and corners for reading a book. The main dominant of the living room is a stunning fireplace, but let’s wait until the terraced house renovation is complete.


A clear division in functionality and the recovery of the proportions of the rooms have been accomplished without diminishing the sensation of the abundant presence of space. Daylight penetrates from both sides the complete depth of the interior and the ceiling hovers unhindered over the entire space.

The terraced house renovation Conradkade

You can reach the second floor with new stairs. The corridor is very lightful and spacious and you can reach all the rooms upstairs from here. The front bedroom has an amazing view of the main water canal through treetop of Conradkade street. Imagine, that you can lay under the sun for the whole day. Yes, that’s possible on the roof terrace reachable from the second bedroom. And finally, there will be a nice relaxing bathroom with a simple, but very selected materials.


We really enjoyed the selection of the materials together with the client. All the selected materials were considered in many options and combinations to keep the renovation The terraced house renovation Conradkade the soul of the existing building. You can see pure love to the natural oak floor combined with natural white stucco and old exposed beams of the roof structure. The bathroom is also a special place where we really focus on. The selected mid-tones colour of tiles and bathroom sanitary equipment help to achieve the perfect relaxing atmosphere.

The terraced house renovation Conradkade, The Hague

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Sustainability of the terraced house renovationĀ 



Because we believe in sustainability we implement these principals already from the beginning to the design to accomplish the best result. The ventilation system provides the most effective, most energy-efficient and healthiest system for a pleasant indoor climate. It is based on CO2 and temperature sensors. The walls, floors and roof are insulated with natural insulation materials. All the windows are renewed with insulated double and triple according to the orientation to the sun.

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