Connection Belgrado

Connection ‘Block 39′ Belgrado; this design has been made for the University of Beograd, in Serbia. Main objective in the design of this university-complex is bringing together the necessities as sustainability, low energy use, efficient use of space and comfort.




20.000 m2


Arthur Nuss, Aday Citgez, Tjeerd Bloothoofd, Jana, Goran Bojic

The arrangement and planning of the building mass is done according the different scales in urban environments; from village to metropolis. This provides opportunities for the buildings to interact with the users at an intimate human scale as well as creating large iconic landmarks within the site.The overall development includes a cluster of high and medium-rise buildings surrounding a small and a large square. The small one surrounded by the university faculties and the large square is surrounded by the Institutes and The Centre for Promotion of Science.


The use of innovative technologies and environmental strategies makes the design a more comfortable place for its users while decreasing its energy consumption.
The connecting element between the squares is a green zone, consisting of a series of ponds and parks. This green zone employs a variety of environmentally responsible systems into its planning. Innovative technologies such as solar harvesting and rainwater collection work together with simple strategies of pedestrian access and public transportation to decrease energy consumption while creating a comfortable and healthy environment.