We have created a new renovation & interior design for the Danckerstraat in The Hague. The kitchen is merged with the backroom by means of two wall breakthroughs. Two doors are placed between the kitchen and the garden, creating a direct connection to the garden.


Renovation for private client


220 m2


Arthur Nuss and Tomáš Beránek

The themes for the ground floor of the Danckerstraat in The Hague were drafted, focusing on: openness, spaciousness, connection of the kitchen with the backroom, connection of the kitchen with the garden. Above you can see the existing situation on the left and the new situation on the right. We have chosen to create two huge wall breakthroughs, from the kitchen to the living room. These are situated as close to the ceiling as possible to emphasize the spaciousness. The high ceilings of 3.4 m create a unique spatial experience.

before renovation


We have chosen to use as many natural and tough materials as possible. Behind the wall of the kitchen the original bricks are visible, the plaster brick wall has been chipped. This ensures a naturally, lively, warm atmosphere. The oak kitchen with a concrete top forms a nice contrast with the red warm brick back wall. Oak slats provide a gradual transition between the living room and the kitchen, while also giving the residents the possibility of placing part of the sofa in this spot.

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