Human Involved Architecture

Global Architects has carried out the research “Human Involved Architecture” in collaboration with studio Ginko & Kiemkracht. The research was made possible by a contribution from the Stimuleringsfonds voor Architectuur, Haagse Hogeschool, Delft University of Technology, WSA and AT Osborne.

The main focus is designing a socially sustainable living climate in an urban environment through the application of Collective Private Commissioning (CPO), in which the identity of the environment and the future residents is most important.

The preliminary research of Human Involved Architecture has already been completed. In this study, the possibilities of CPO as a means for urban renewal were explored, specifically in neighbourhoods built in the 1960s and 1970s.


design research to CPO as a mean to city redevelopment


Arthur Nuss, Tomas Beranek together with Studio Ginko and Kiemkracht

Sustainable living in your neighbourhood can be done precisely the way you want to. Initiatives of the residents themselves can create more possibilities than you might think. The residents can make the neighbourhood more sustainable by improving it socially and ecologically. “Human Involved Architecture (HIA)” offers the opportunity to do so.

Human Involved Architecture CPO als middel voor stedelijke vernieuwing

What is HIA? HIA is aimed at the involvement of residents in projects in the neighbourhood. The initiators of an HIA project are the residents themselves. In an HIA-project the group of initiators is assisted by professional parties.
Why is sustainability one of the main concepts of HIA? Sustainable building is not only better for the environment, but also for the residents and the neighbourhood. Adaptation of the living environment by residents themselves prevents unnecessary demolition of existing buildings and offers the possibility to apply green elements in the existing environment. A few examples are green roofs, the use of reusable materials, natural climate control and the use of solar energy.

How does HIA work? An HIA-project is a form of Collective Private Commissioning: the initiators set up an association and involve professional parties and a design focused on their desires will be made by an architect. In addition to the individual living requirements, the architect will also take collective wishes and shared functions into account, based on the requirements of the neighbourhood.