Sustainable renovation 1930 house

The goal of the renovation of this 1930 mansion was to create a spacious sustainable house with a lot of natural light to give the private clients a unique spatial experience and a healthy comfortable indoor climate. The use of natural materials and the strong outside inside relation give the house a warm and pleasant experience.

The purpose of the design brief for the 1930s corner house was to shape both the holiday feeling of the location and the experience of the space in a unique and contemporary way. Global Architects designs the interior, exterior and the spacious enclosed garden.

At the end of 2019, our clients will find their desired dream home; a dated 1930s house with a large garden, which can be completely renovated to your liking in the neighborhood where they would like to live.
After we have visited the location, we arrive at the following principles with the clients:
– increasing the spaciousness of the existing layout of the house
– house is now cold and draft, it needs to be renovated in a sustainable way, so that
the house again meets today’s standards
– exciting, vibrant functional layout
– kitchen and dining table are central, house must live, but also radiate order and tranquility
– place for Apple Homepod
– master bedroom with walk-in closet and private bathroom
– divide the attic into 2 children’s rooms with shared bathroom gedeelde
– underfloor heating
– strong inside-outside relationship
– lots of daylight
– no switches


Renovation 1930 house for private client


240 m2


Arthur Nuss, Tomáš Beránek, Jony Nederend en Kallia Theodoraki




after and before renovation

after and before renovation

after and before renovation

Central to the renovation is an integrated sustainability concept, energy neutral, low to no energy costs, healthy indoor climate, correct installations, smart design with plenty of daylight and to realize living spaces that increase the added value of the home (value retention and flexibility) and give residents a sense of freedom.