Tulum Tulum Noordwijk architect architectenbureau

Tulum Tulum Noordwijk

Nestled in the heart of Noordwijk, Tulum Tulum embodies an open and spacious character, seamlessly blending modernity with a timeless allure. Designed to exude an air of long-standing charm, this beach pavilion beckons with its accessible appearance, effortlessly harmonizing with the surrounding landscape. Intricate window frames and inviting pergolas bestow upon the pavilion a distinct and captivating character, while a sleek zinc top layer crowns the roof, evoking elegance and durability.Neutral shades of gray grace the pavilion’s color palette, creating a canvas that comes alive with the vibrant energy of its visitors.


beach club


350 m2

Project team

Thomas Beranek and Arthur Nuss

Tulum Tulum Noordwijk architect architectenbureau

Step inside, and you’ll find a functional and thoughtfully designed interior, meticulously arranged to optimize efficiency for staff and users alike. The large serving bar takes center stage, accompanied by a serving element housing essential amenities such as cooling facilities, toilets, and an office. The spatially appealing design aligns seamlessly with the beach club’s alluring ambiance.

Tulum Tulum Noordwijk architect

Within the interior design, warm and stylish elements intertwine with robust industrial touches, artfully blending together to create an inviting and harmonious setting. The use of soft wooden materials artfully conceals the industrial components, preserving the overall warmth and tranquility of the space.

Tulum Tulum Noordwijk architect

Step outside, and the exterior design unveils a multitude of atmospheres, skillfully balancing protected and open areas. Visitors are greeted with a cozy and relaxing ambiance, inviting them to unwind and savor moments of tranquility on quieter days. Raw materials intersperse with refined finishes, while rough scrap wood flooring artfully complements the beach’s character.

Tulum Tulum Noordwijk architect

Semi-covered spaces take the form of charming pergolas, infusing the environment with delightful atmospheric experiences and mesmerizing shadow effects. Each season brings new additions, thoughtfully designed in a tough and contemporary style by Global Architects, ensuring an ever-evolving and captivating experience at Tulum Tulum Noordwijk.