Branding Beach Club Noordwijk

Branding Beach Club Noordwijk have an open and spacious character, the design is fresh and contemporary. To create a stylish and welcoming appearance, the beach club has to look like it has been there for years. The detailed window frames and pergolas give the pavilion its special character. The roof consists of a zinc top layer. Neutral colours have been used in shades of grey. The people give the pavilion its colour.




600 m2

Project team

Tomas Beranek and Arthur S. Nuss

Branding beachclub Noordwijk architect architectenbureau

The interior of Branding Beach Club Noordwijk is functional. The position of the inner bars, the entrance, the relations to the kitchen and the routing of the personnel through the restaurant have been conceived in a smart and clear manner so the staff and the users can function optimally.

Branding beachclub Noordwijk architect architectenbureau

In terms of appearance of the interior design, warm and stylish elements are alternated with tough industrial elements.

Branding beachclub Noordwijk architect architectenbureau

The creation of different atmospheres is the main focus for the outdoor design of Branding Beachclub. Concealed spaces are interspersed with open spaces. Even on quiet days, this will give the guests a feeling of fun and relaxation.

Branding beachclub Noordwijk architect architectenbureau

Raw materials are interspersed with finished materials. The floors are made of rough reclaimed wood that matches the character of the beach.

Semi-covered spaces in the form of pergolas provide atmospheric experiences and shadow effects.

Global Architects designs new parts for every season, which fit perfectly into the rugged contemporary design.