Urban Garden

With Urban Garden, we created a place where diverse groups of people feel at home. Due to the wide variety of sizes of the apartments, it has become a building inhabited by a mix of residents: young and old, families, couples and singles, creatives and social city dwellers. Everyone mixed together, but with a common wish: green urban living and participating in the design of the building as well as the layout and interior of the apartment, all in the vicinity of the city center.


Apartments in CPO: “Collective Private Commissioning”


12 Apartments with parking lot, BVO 2000 m2


Arthur Nuss, Tomáš Beránek and Ivo Oosterbaan



For us, Urban Garden stands for bold urban and well built living, bordered by green edges and with high sustainable ambitions, both in the appearance of the building and for its residents. A vertical garden of apartments is being realized together with the inhabitants.

Urban Garden is co-created together with the inhabitants. This group of inhabitants consists of people with a mutual desire – to live in an apartment located in a green oasis of peace, where the indoor and outdoor areas are inextricably linked.

Urban Garden flexibel draadmodel

Private living experience

The intention is to meet each inhabitant’s personal living experience as closely as possible: in both the individual and collective housing wishes and in the architecture of the building. From a flexible wire model, the residents could choose their ideal apartment size by connecting homes horizontally and / or vertically. The house sizes therefore vary from 45 – 55 – 70 – 100 and 130 m2. There is no standard home. Everyone lives in a tailor-made self-built house. There are 4 maisonettes and 6 ground floor apartments.

Urban Garden ontwerpkeuzes

During the sketch design stage, the residents could choose from three different styles.

bouwgroep urban garden cpo amsterdam

Subsequently, the chosen architectural style was further elaborated and personalized, whereby the uniform identity of the building and the individual interpretation of the residents go hand in hand. This means that, within a uniform size system, the residents have made individual choices about the window layout and the size of the balcony.

This has created an affordable building where individual expression, green urban living and community stands central. Cool and special homes, in different levels of interior design finishes, matching the character and budget of the resident. All houses are characterized by extra high ceilings, which creates a lot of daylight and a healthy indoor climate. The houses are further characterized by a strong indoor-outdoor relationship through a spacious outdoor area. In Urban Garden, in addition to an attractive private outdoor space, residents have access to a large collective roof terrace, with space for greenery, socializing, playing and relaxing.


Urban Garden adds a vertical garden in the existing 1960s neighborhood New West Amsterdam. A green oasis of tranquility located in the centre of the hectic city, it transforms the experience of living in the middle of the city. The green world of hanging gardens is visible from the street and is connected to the green design of the location. Flexibility and excess in design make the building future-proof and sustainable.Urban Garden consists of a flexible living program of 12 apartments in a varied mix. Every home has a spacious outdoor area, which forms an integral part of the design. The atrium is literally and figuratively the heart of the building. The homes are accessed around the centrally located atrium and the collective roof terrace can also be reached from here. Daylight from above ensures that there is also a pleasant indoor climate upon entering the building. The parking spaces are located in the basement of the building. The hall can be arranged as a collective workplace. As a result, the hall includes a kitchen unit, where a coffee maker can be placed.

The architecture between the different layers is cohesive and elegant with focus on adaptability, texture and expression. The facade architecture, such as the balconies and roof gardens, form an integral layered experience. Wherever you go, you are surrounded by green.
Urban Garden is made up of different layers:

1. A raised plinth around the building with verandas
2. A grid for the facade architecture, fully adjustable through the use of different frame layouts.
3. A large balcony with planters for a vertical garden and a green urban experience
4. (Collective) roof terraces

urban garden trekvlietzone cpo architect architectenbureau

The materials have been chosen with care. The brick is an extruded brick, which has an authentic aged appearance. Both the front and the back of the stones are used interchangeably. In order to emphasize this naturalistic style, an unpatterned arrangement of brickwork with a dark gray recessed joint was chosen. The frames are made of black aluminum with a steel-look renovation profile. This emphasizes the industrial appearance of the building. The frames are deeply recessed, with the exterior jamb finished with black aluminum. Frake wood façade elements and planters add to the natural appearance in conjunction with the brick. The façade panels add verticality, while the planters emphasize the horizontality of the hanging balconies.

Urban Garden Amsterdam apartments architecture

Every apartment is unique