Urban Lofts

The Urban Lofts building, consisting out of 19 apartments between 40 and 120 m², is an initiative of Global Architects and MijnWoonID and is developed in Collective Private Commissioning (CPO).
The design of Urban Lofts is constructed in such a way that residents can choose the façade architectural design, housing type, position within the complex and layout of the residence. If you would rather design your home together with an architect of your choice, we would like to work together, as we do with all the construction partners in the process.


apartments in a cooperative housing community (CPO)


19 apartment between 40 and 120 m2


Arthur Nuss and Tomáš Beránek

Arthur Nuss is the architect of Urban Lofts. He is the founder of Global Architects.
Arthur: “When I think of ‘Urban’, I think of a metropolitan and minimalistic design. The word ‘Urban’ represents a cool building, using qualitative materials which are still a bit rough. They last a long time and remain as beautiful as they are now. ‘Urban’ does not mean you have to live in a glass and steel factory, it means you have to use beautiful materials, clear lines and lots of light.”

Urban Lofts 22 CPO appartementen

“We have designed Urban Lofts in consultation with a number of future residents and what they wanted is height, light, as well as lots of glass, sun and space. Beautiful stones and materials. Atmospheric without being boring. Every home will be completely different and cool in its own individual way. That is what ‘Urban’ means to me.”

mix & matching

At Urban Lofts it becomes very easy to realise your dream house. Together with an architect you will sketch a house that is completely to your own liking. You create both the exterior and interior according to your wishes.

You can choose from different types of housing, varying in living space from 40 to 120 m². You determine the size and width of your home yourself. This is possible because Urban Lofts apartments can be connected both horizontally and vertically. At Urban Lofts we offer you the best of both worlds: freedom of choice and the certainty of professional guidance.
The residences are also characterised by the high ceilings: the ground floor and first floor have a free height of 2.8 meters and the ridge of the top floor has a free height of 4 meters.

Urban Lofts 22 CPO appartementen