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Would you like to sustainably renovate your home together with Global Architects BNA?


Global Architects BNA is an architectural firm specialized in sustainable renovations, high-end renovations and restorations of monuments, canal houses, dike houses, city apartments, mansions, fishermen’s cottages and monumental villas and offices. Our projects vary between 50 and 400 m2 and are for private and business clients such as embassies, companies and municipalities. 

The mix between characteristic elements from the existing building, the client’s wishes, budget, functionality and sustainability form the basis of our design process.

Increasing the m2 of the home is a wish for many of our clients. Consider a luxury extension or roof structure.

Since our honorable mention in 2016 during the BNA building of the year in the private residential experience category, we proudly carry the BNA (Association of Dutch Architectural Firms) quality mark; BNA recognized agency. (logo)

Below is an overview of some of our architectural firm’s appealing high-end renovation designs.


renovation monumental villa Voorburg

Villa Vyverhof is located on the edge of the Vliet in Voorburg, in a beautiful monumental garden surrounded by lots of greenery and water. The renovation of the monumental villa in Voorburg is being made completely sustainable. A high-end renovation with the following sustainability measures: insulation of the floors, walls and roofs, PV panels on the roof, old single-glazed windows replaced with HR++ and a heat pump with underfloor heating.

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Resthouse Wassenaar

Renovation with extension Wassenaar

Rest house Wassenaar is a sustainable renovation and high-end conversion of an existing 1930s house in Wassenaar. Creating a full-width extension with ultra-slim frame profiles creates a spacious and luxurious-feeling home with a strong indoor-outdoor relationship. The spatial experience of the house has also been increased by creating a void.

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renovatie_den_haag_vissershuisje_Tiny Beach house_01

renovation of Scheveningen fisherman's house

Tiny Beach House, the design brief for the renovation of this former fisherman’s house on Ankerstraat in Scheveningen, aimed to shape both the holiday feeling of the location and the experience of the space in an efficient and contemporary way.

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architectenbureau high-end verbouwing

sustainable renovation corner house Bussum

The following components are central to the renovation of this corner house in the Spiegel in Bussum; to realize an integrated sustainability concept, energy neutral, low to no energy costs, healthy indoor climate, correct installations, smart design with lots of daylight and living spaces that increase the added value of the home (retaining value and flexibility) and give the residents a feeling of freedom. For this house, the existing wooden frames have been replaced by steel frames Perfect View.

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renovation of apartment with extension Utrecht

Folded House in Utrecht is a renovation of an existing ground floor apartment from 1900 in the Vogelbuurt in the center of Utrecht. The existing conservatory was rotten and caused water damage to the home. That is why it was demolished and expanded with a modern extension.

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Villa White Lodge Noordwijk

high-end renovation of monumental villa Noordwijk

Villa White Lodge Noordwijk is a high-end renovation of an existing 1930s house in Noordwijk. The house is 225 m2 in size, the concept of the house is to create a contemporary loft-like and functional home within a dated dark space, which meets all modern conveniences.

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roof extension on a classic mansion in The Hague

Natural Minimalism is a roof extension for a home extension of the top apartment of 70 m2 located on the 2nd floor in a classic mansion in the Duinoord district in The Hague. It was decided to place a fully functioning living floor on the existing apartment

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Sustainable renovation with roof extension Wassenaar

Located in the Spinbaan Kwartier in Wassenaar, we have realized a sustainable renovation with a roof extension for a 1970s home.

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architectenbureau high-end verbouwing

Renovation of a classic mansion in The Hague

High-quality high-end renovation of a classic mansion located in the Statenkwartier in The Hague | A mansion from 1907 has been completely renovated to a contemporary interior design without losing sight of the classic characteristic elements of the house.

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high-end renovation apartment Amsterdam

Located in the Rivierenbuurt in Amsterdam, we have completed a high-end renovation of an apartment.


sustainable renovation of villa Wassenaar

We have completed a sustainable renovation and high-end remodeling for a dated 1950s home in Wassenaar. As a result, a luxury villa has been designed that meets all the conveniences and comfort of today.

Classic corner house with extension in The Hague

We have designed an extension for a classic corner house in Statenkwartier in The Hague that matches the classic style of the existing corner house. The extension has been approved by the monuments and aesthetics committee and the environmental permit has been granted.


Sustainable renovation with roof construction Rotterdam

Located in the Delfshaven district in Rotterdam, we have sustainably renovated this classic three-story house. We have increased the floor area by 3 times by adding a roof extension to the existing top floor.


High-end renovation apartment Amsterdam

Located in the Jordaan in Amsterdam, we have completed the high-end renovation for an expat client.

Global Architects helped me design and renovate my apartment in the Jordaan in Amsterdam. With great attention to detail and close supervision of the contractor, they managed to deliver a great apartment while I was traveling during the renovation work. Read more reviews from clients.


High-end renovation apartment, the first flat in the Netherlands

We have completed a high-end renovation of an apartment in the seven-storey Nirwana apartment building from 1930 in The Hague. The Nirwana flaebouw is known as the very first apartment building in the Netherlands and has a completely concrete construction, because this makes cheap and fast construction possible.

architect renovation The Hague Amsterdam Leiden Voorburg Haarlem interior expat

Sustainable renovation apartment in classic mansion The Hague

Re-use, the design brief for the renovation of the top floor of this Dutch mansion, aimed to restore both the traditional use of the rooms and the experience of the space in an efficient and contemporary way.

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High-end renovation of a mansion in Rotterdam

We have applied for an environmental permit for the high-end renovation of a classic mansion in the Provenierswijk in Rotterdam. In addition to the sustainable design principles, we have redesigned the attic floor for the realization of 2 spacious apartments. A total of 4 city apartments will be realized in the house.


Sustainable renovation with extension in Bergen

Located in Bergen, we have designed a sustainable home renovation for a 1930s home. The house is enlarged by an extension over the full width. The high-end renovation will start at the beginning of 2024.

high-end verbouwing

high-end renovation double upper house Amsterdam

For the high-end renovation of this double upper house in the Frederik Hendrikbuurt in Amsterdam near the Westerpark, we expanded the top floor by raising the roof and designing a dormer window. The gap between the new roof and the existing one is reflected in the interior design of the double upper house.

We focus on designing sustainable, affordable, stable homes of architectural quality, designed in consultation with future residents. If you wish to renovate your home and renovate it sustainably, our architectural firm makes it possible to realize your dream home. Global Architects focuses on all types of buildings in existing buildings and offers customized solutions and different designs. These designs are linked to a realistic cost and also offer room for personal interpretation. This way you can realize your unique home with the desired architectural quality.

Do you want to renovate and do it suitability? Please contact us for a no-obligation introductory meeting!


First of all, we map out the wishes and requirements of you as a client. This is translated into a program of requirements. It is also important that the program of requirements is in balance with your budget. We will then analyze the location extensively. The location, the environment and orientation to the sun play an important role in this. These results form the basis of the design concept. If you do not yet have an option on a plot, we can advise you on this.

We create a suitable design based on your wishes and requirements. We show you various design options, but the freedom of choice for you as a customer remains guaranteed. This gives the design a unique and personal character. Your wishes in relation to the set budget are taken into account. During the design process, the exchange of mutual ideas and inspiration forms the basis for jointly arriving at a vision for the project. Your wishes are designed in a unique, contemporary way, using a powerful 3D model and strong technical development, in which your wishes are realized within the best price-quality ratio.

The work in the design phase consists of the Sketch Design, Preliminary Design and the Final Design. In the Sketch Design we investigate various spatial and functional solution options using designs in 3D. In the Preliminary Design, the design is further developed into a finished design and the sustainable principles of the project are drawn up. This is worked out structurally in the Final design. In this phase the materials and color scheme of the design are finally determined.

renovatie en interieurontwerp klassiek herenhuis Statenkwartier Den Haag


In the technical design phase, the drawings are further developed so that the environmental permit can be applied for and the tender can be started. The manufacturers come into the picture and questions are raised such as; which product, type of façade material, which type of frame, which stairs, hinges and locks, which heating elements and which switches and sockets do we want to use. It is these details that ultimately give the house its characteristic appearance. During this phase of the process, the architect will ensure that the construction budget is not exceeded. The client is required to think along about these materials and products. The architectural details are now being further elaborated so that the drawings provide a true picture. If the design is now approved by the client, the architect will be able to prepare the permit application and prepare the documents for the contractor selection.

G31 levensloopbestendige woning


Before the contractor can implement the design, a document (technical description or specifications) will be compiled by the architect that will provide precise guidance for the actual construction. All materials are described here and all tasks for the contractor and installers are mentioned here. The general terms and conditions within which the construction must be carried out, the warranty provisions, insurance and regulations are also precisely stated. Together with the drawings, this document forms the basis of the contract between client and contractor. These specifications are the basis for price formation when selecting contractors.

architect renovatie jaren-30 woning Bussum


While the contractor and his team realize the design, the architect supervises this work because although everything is laid down in the specifications signed by all parties, unexpected circumstances can arise during construction. The architect will advise you in these situations and come up with solutions. He monitors the time schedule, checks the dimensions, details and the materials supplied. During the construction meetings, where the client is of course also very welcome, progress is monitored and solutions are devised for unforeseen circumstances. A report will of course be made of this meeting so that any new agreements are recorded.

architectenbureau high-end verbouwing


Delivery; When the contractor’s work is almost complete, he reports this to the architect and the client and delivery can begin. The architect then inspects together with the client and contractor whether everything has been built exactly as agreed. Any incompleteness or implementation errors will be repaired by the contractor in accordance with the agreements as recorded in the specifications and within a set period.