SandCbar beachclub Katwijk

For beachclub SandCbar in Katwijk, we created a design for a permanent year-round beach pavilion. We obtained the environmental permit in 2023 and will open its doors in the spring of 2024.

The concept of the design is a main building with 2 gabled roofs parallel to the dune foot. Attached to the main building are several annexes, the annexes give the beach pavilion the vibe and appearance appropriate to the beach. In terms of design, it is fresh and contemporary, using natural materials and a strong indoor-outdoor relationship.


beach pavilion


600 m2 restaurant

400 m2 terrace

Project team

Arthur Nuss, Tomáš Beránek and

Kallia Theodoraki

In association with





The beach pavilion is located between two beach entrances. This makes it accessible through the annexes on both the North and East sides of the pavilion. An exciting routing to the main building is created this way, when one enters through the annexes in inclement weather or over the beach terrace in good weather.


The three annexes on the north side and the bay window on the south side of the pavilion have the same ridge and gutter height as the main building. As a result, these additions fit in well with the roof plane of the main building and provide recognition through the recurring dimensional proportions of the end wall and the size of the window frame. In terms of materialization, the four annexes will have a recognizable appearance that matches the beach.

The extension on the east side of the pavilion will be constructed from sturdy wooden columns / mooring posts. Between the columns will be a transparent layer of glass and a filtered sunscreen layer of reed mats.

SandCbar strandpaviljoen Katwijk

Follow here the progress on the building site