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Global Architects is an architectural firm from The Hague and knows how to surprise you with progressive sustainable designs and ideas. Using natural materials, we design various styles that make people feel pleasant, comfortable and free.

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Our vision is focused on realizing sustainable, affordable homes of architectural quality, designed together with the future residents. Our designs are linked to a realistic budget and leave room for personal interpretation. This way, you can realize your unique home with the desired architectural quality.


Renovation and interior design

“House in a House” is the sustainable renovation of an existing 1980s terraced house in the Spinbaankwartier in Wassenaar. The project received an honourable mention during BNA’s best building of the year 2016. The jury was ecstatic about the courage this design shows; in these types of houses you rarely see such spaces being made. It shows that remodelling can yield much more than additional cubic meters or a higher insulation value; the architect has also created a great spatial experience. This is a sympathetic project, with great cooperation between the client and the architect.

renovation and interior design

Sustainable house designs

The goal of the renovation of this 1930 mansion was to create a spacious sustainable house with a lot of natural light to give the private clients a unique spatial experience and a healthy comfortable indoor climate. The use of natural materials and the strong outside inside relation give the house a warm and pleasant experience.

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Global Architects designs and realizes buildings and interiors together with end users for more than 14 years. This creates a human invloved architecture where people feel comfortable, comfortable and free. Creating the buildings and spaces that inspire the end users are central to our designs.

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Villa Design

Global Architects designed several high-end villas together with end-users. Are latest realized villa is the ‘Inner Patio house’ in The Hague close to the beach of Kijkduin.

private houses

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international publications

publication New York Times January 2024 The Best Part of Tiny Living? The ‘Freedom We Have Created for Ourselves’ With a little house in The Hague, a compact getaway on the Italian island of Sardinia and a well-designed camper van, who needs a conventional home? Press here to read the whole article!

review by Leyla and Hamdi | Floating House
When we overlook the house at the end of our tour on the back terrace, Leyla says: “The house is completely to our liking, but it also shows who we are. The openness and transparency through the many large windows. The accessibility by hardly using doors. The light that draws over our home is like a new painting every day. It makes us happy and cheerful. In that context, a complement is also due to Global Architects, who has the creativity to make our thoughts, our wishes, tangible and visible. That deserves a big compliment.”

review by Søren Nellemann and Claudia Rokx, Denmark/The Netherlands | House as a Rock
GA is an experienced and dynamic company with young, innovative ideas and solutions whether on the design, energy heating or cooling or practical solution during construction working with project managers and individual supplier paying attention to every detail. Moreover, while they listen to your ideas and preferences they also offers technical solutions and contemporary design ideas from across the world to your neighborhood, making your design unique and very personal. We had a fantastic and engaging experience working with GA on House as a Rock.

review by Ahmed Khalil, Cairo/Egypt | Loft Jordaan
Global Architects helped me design and renovate my apartment in the Jordaan area. With strong attention to detail and close supervision on the contractor they managed to deliver an amazing apartment while I was travelling during the renovations.

review by private client, France | mansion Statenkwartier The Hague
Being expats and buying an old house in a new country is quite challenging.
Global Architects made our dream come true. They shared their knowledge, experience and contacts but they were also the perfect interface between us and the country, which is priceless.

Who are we

Global Architects is an architectural firm based in The Hague which consists of a dynamic design team of four architects: Arthur S. Nuss MSc, Jony Nederend MSc, Kallia Theodoraki all graduated from Delft University of Technology and Tomáš Beránek MSc, graduated from the faculty of architecture in Prague. Our architecture is characterized by its simplicity, minimalist detailing, variety, robust appearance and the use of natural materials. We are designing buildings and interiors together with the end-users by this we are creating Human Involved Architecture.

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renovatie_den_haag_vissershuisje_Tiny Beach house_01

Featured project - Tiny Beach House

Every month we feature a new recently realized project on our homepage. This month we feature Tiny Beach House, a 19th-Century Fisherman’s Cottage published on the 26th of January in the New York Times.

Because they were avid kite surfers, they decided to look for a place on the North Sea in The Hague and found a 600-square-foot fisherman’s house built in 1878 just steps from the beach. After buying it for 180,000 euros ($190,000) that April, they spent 18 months and 150,000 euros ($158,000) doing a gut renovation with help from Global Architects.

“It was in really bad condition and looked like not much maintenance had been done over the last hundred years,” said Arthur S. Nuss, the firm’s owner. By Tim McKeough