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Global Architects designs buildings and interiors together with the end-users by this we are creating Human Involved Architecture.



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Global Architects is an architectural firm from The Hague and knows how to surprise you with progressive sustainable designs and ideas. Using natural materials, we design various styles that make people feel pleasant, comfortable and free.

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private house

Private houses

Our vision is focused on realizing sustainable, affordable homes of architectural quality, designed together with the future residents. Increasingly, lots are freely distributed to private individuals, who thus have the possibility to realise their dream house. We focus on all kinds of lots and offer tailor-made solutions and different designs. These designs are linked to a realistic cost and leave room for personal interpretation. This way, you can realise your unique home with the desired architectural quality.

private houses

De Rede Blok0 in de Amsterdamse Houthavens

De Rede Amsterdam

De Rede has been developed in a cooperative housing community (CPO). This development method gives a group of private individuals control over the construction of the houses. The process starts with a housing dream: a group of private individuals unite because of this dream. They then find a location to make their dream come true, an architect to implement it and, in many cases, a professional back-up party to participate in risk-bearing. This makes CPO also possible for private individuals without their own funds. The team helps the residents shape their ideal building.

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Renovation and interior design

“House in a House” is the sustainable renovation of an existing 1980s terraced house in the Spinbaankwartier in Wassenaar. The project received an honourable mention during BNA’s best building of the year 2016. The jury was ecstatic about the courage this design shows; in these types of houses you rarely see such spaces being made. It shows that remodelling can yield much more than additional cubic meters or a higher insulation value; the architect has also created a great spatial experience. This is a sympathetic project, with great cooperation between the client and the architect. The honourable mention was received for the exemplary way in which a new kind of spatial experience has been introduced in a so-called “Bloemkoolwijk”.

renovation and interior design


Area development

Are you interested in research concerning:
– Centre development
– Transformation areas
– Real estate strategy
– Redevelopment locations
– Perspective in shrinking cities
We can help you produce a study and vision regarding the area

Who we are

Global Architects architectural firm The Hague | Amsterdam consists of a dynamic design team of three architects: Arthur S. Nuss MSc, Jony Nederend MSc, both graduated from Delft University of Technology and Tomáš Beránek MSc, graduated from the faculty of architecture in Prague. Our architecture is characterised by its simplicity, minimalist detailing, variety, robust appearance and the use of natural material.

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